November 1st 2021

High Quality Paving at Souk Al Bahara

Souk Al Bahara
Bareeq Al Retaj
Al Moayyed Contracting
RakNor, UAE
Bahrain Building Chemicals
Al Moayyed Contracting

Bahrain Building Chemicals has completed another major paving project with 3,000 square metres of high-quality paving covering the open courtyard areas of this highly prestigious development. The project will incorporate over 470 retail stores, restaurants, cafes and family entertainment centre as well as a meat, fish and vegetable market.

The paving has been supplied from RAKNor’s state of the art production facility in the UAE.  The paving includes a special protection system to enhance the paving and provide long term durability. The face concrete layer receives a durable chemical pore and capillary blocker which is added during the mixing process. In an addition, a two-layer, transparent, UV-resistant coating has been applied and permanently bound to the surface.

Bahrain Building Chemicals is the exclusive distributor of RAKNor paving in the Kingdom of Bahrain.