January 17th 2021

Perfect Floor Levelling at the BDF Day Case Centre

BDF Day Case Hospital
Ministry of Works
Mohammed Jalal Construction
Master Builders Solutions
Bahrain Building Chemicals
General Medical / Datum Interiors

We are proud to have supplied the Applicator, General Medical W.L.L., with MasterTop 528, a self-levelling, non-structural  floor underlay. This high quality product enables a level floor to be achieved prior to the installation of resin overlays, carpet, vinyl, ceramic stone or natural stone. 

In the Applicators own words after completion of a mock-up on site, ‘’It ran really well through the rake and other manufacturers material doesn’t knit back together nearly as well as this, also considering its 36 degrees C today it still retains a wet edge 15 minutes later, can’t get a better product’’.

MasterTop 528 and 538 is used extensively across the Middle East, it is a highly fluid material and easy to pump, providing excellent results time and time again.