Major Projects

Al Dur SWRO Plant

Al Dur Plant

Consultant : Al Haya

Contractor : SEPCO 3

Duration : 18 months

Al Dur 2 SWRO plant, consists of two independent Seawater Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) desalination plants constructed in two phases which will total 227,300 m3/day. The project has a footprint of approximately 192,500m2, and is located immediately south of the existing Al Dur Phase I IWPP Plant, on the East coast in the Southern Governorate of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Technologies Supplied
Performance Grouting
MasterFlow 928
MasterFlow 980
Concrete Protection
MasterProtect 1860
MasterProtect 300
MasterProtect 180
MasterProtect 1812
Concrete Repair
MasterInject 1335
MasterInject 1320
MasterInject 1315
MasterEmaco 422
MasterEmaco 423
MasterBrace ADH 1414
MasterBrace ADH 2200
Curing Compounds
MasterKure 106
Performance Flooring
MasterTop 1230
Tile Fixing Systems
MasterTile RSG 705