Major Projects

Alba Power Station 5

Consultant : EBS International

Contractor : Nass Contracting/GAMA/GE

Duration : 18 months

Alba’s Line 6 Expansion Project has made Alba the world’s largest smelter ex-China. Pot-line 6 will boost Alba’s per-annum production by 540,000 metric tonnes, bringing Alba’s total production capacity to 1.54 million metric tonnes per year. With a Capex of approximately US$3 billion, the Line 6 Expansion Project was the largest brownfield expansion in the region. The Project comprised of the construction of a 1,792 MW Power Station (Power Station 5).

Technologies Supplied
Performance Grouting
MasterFlow 648
MasterFlow 928
Concrete Protection
MasterProtect 190
MasterProtect 180
MasterProtect 1825
Concrete Repair
MasterEmaco S466
MasterEmaco S488
MasterEmaco N 907
MasterBrace ADH 2200
Performance Flooring
MasterTop 1205
MasterGlenium 118
MasterGlenium 110M
MasterPozzolith 40LD