Passive Fire Protection

Elastomeric Firestop Sealants
Firestop Boards
Firestop Coatings
Firestop Cable Coatings
Firestop and Acoustic Sealants
Firestop Mortar
Firestop Pipe Collars
Firestop Pillow
Firestop Pipe Wrap
Intumescent Firestop Sealants

The MasterFlame Passive Fire Protection System is in the business of saving life. It comprises of a range of products which – in case of an incident – prevent the spread of fire, flame and smoke through creating discrete compartmentalisation of buildings and thus fulfil the requirements of up-to-date building codes and fire insurance regulations reliably and consistently.

The MasterFlame Passive Fire Protection System provides a wide range of products for every conceivable application. Master Builders Solutions have been developing for more than 60 years concepts and systems for active as well as for passive fire protection. Of course, our comprehensive MasterFlame Passive fire protection systems are not in a position to prevent all fires but at least they are making our lives significantly safer.

MasterFlame Passive Fire Protection System is approved by Sharjah Civil Defense (SCD) and Dubai Civil Defense (DCD).