June 1st 2020

The First Application of MasterSeal 7000CR in the GCC

Refurbishment of Balancing Tank
Bahrain Bay Utilities
Veolia Energy Gulf
Master Builders Solutions
Bahrain Building Chemicals
Hertel Industry Services

Bahrain Building Chemicals is proud to have been involved in the successful application of MasterSeal 7000 CR at Bahrain Bay Utilities Sewerage Treatment plant in Bahrain Bay. This is the first time that this system has been used in the GCC region.

The client – Bahrain Bay Paragon Utilities – required a highly chemical resistant coating inside a Balancing Tank to provide long-term resistance to biogenic sulphuric acid corrosion. It was for this reason that MasterSeal 7000CR was chosen. MasterSeal 7000CR is based on Xolutec technology, providing enhanced mechanical and chemical resistance for concrete which significantly extends the life cycle of the structure.

“With the satisfactory and timely completion of the project, through our applicator Hertel Industry Services together with a major global client, gives us the credibility to provide opportunities for this solution for other applications within the Kingdom of Bahrain in the future” says Louie Camerota Manager of Bahrain Building Chemicals.